Review: MoGoPod MKIII by DIYPhotography December 07 2013

DIYPhotography,net was kind enough to write up an in depth review of what they thought about the MoGoPod MKIII which we claim to be the "World's Most Versatile Monopod" and we stand by it. Here are some of the things they had to say about it.

"This thing looks and feels great. The material is anodized aluminum but the finish is solid providing a very nice sturdy feel to it. It is striped with red color marks here and there (the twist lock, strap holders and so on) which seems to be very fashionable with gear makers right now.

Grip handle aside, there are no plastic parts - even the D ring for the utility strap is made from metal. Definitely an object of desire. While I did not use it to fend off any knights, I think it would have survived such a test."


"One of the best features on the Mogopod is its reversible mounting thread. There is a small plate that can be flipped to be either 1/4-20 or 3/8. I found this pretty innovative and useful as most tripod heads (I and using it with the Manfrotto 488RC2 ball head) have a 3/8 thread while lighting accessories usually have a 1/4-20 thread."

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