Review: MoGoPod Review May 28 2014

Here is a review of our MoGoPod MKIII from Shuttertastic. They do a great overview of our MoGoPod products and they also give some interesting ideas as to how you can use the MoGoPod. Our MoGoPod line is the most versatile monopod you can find on the market today. We provide 2 different MoGoPod MKIII sizes with are medium and small depending on what you want to use the monopod...

Review: MoGoPod MKIII + TPD-2 Tripod Leg May 06 2014

MoGoPod MKIII + TPD-2 Tripod Leg Review from Holzman & Smith on Vimeo.   Take a look at this review done by DSLRVideoShooter!  The new MoGoPod MK III is a unique monopod stabilizer that can be used Right Side Up, or Upside Down! It's unique internal steel belt drive system adjusts the MoGoPod quickly to automatically telescope the MoGoPod to any height, and locks down with a simple twist lock....

Overview of the MoGoPod MK III March 20 2014

Here is video done by TheCameraStoreShorts on YouTube of our MoGoPod MK III and the accessories. Just a quick little video showing off the features of the MoGoPod, tripod leg, and MogoCrane. For more information about the product check out the link below. Product Info Here>>

MogoCrane Video January 27 2014

  Check out our latest video showing off what our MogoCrane can really do. A unique simple set up that gives you stable and crane-like shots.   The MoGoPod MK III "S" attaches to the MogoCrane Belt System transferring the camera weight to the operator's hips and with a swiveling base can be used in a 'Crane-Like' fashion. You are now free to move around and capture those angles you've...

Overview of the Kamerar QV-1 LCD Viewfinder by CheesyCam January 20 2014

CheesyCam provides an introduction to the Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder and QV-1 Kit with 15mm Rails. The baseplate of this viewfinder can fit into a Manfrotto 701HDV fluid head or other 501PL compatible quick release systems. This combination of products allow you to quickly attach a set of 8" 15mm rails to the QV-1 baseplate mounted under your camera. The QV-1 Baseplate can also accept Manfrotto 501PL plates if...

Review - Honu GH3 Cage by Blunty January 06 2014

  The Honu GH3 Cage by Fhugen is the perfect cage for your panasonic GH3. This unique, fresh and innovative design is the calumniation of extensive research coupled with forward looking vision. Our design process is a series of precise steps that the engineers engage with that fosters innovative results. For more information on the Honu GH3 cage hit the link below!    Find Product Info Here>>

Review: VF-4 LCD View Finder by Blunty December 14 2013

Here is a great review of the VF-4 LCD View Finder by Blunty! For DSLR video capture our VF-4 will provide a better view of the LCD screen under bright lighting conditions, increase stability during handheld shooting, and improves precision focusing.  The VF-4 is feature rich, priced more affordably compared to other view finders, and will greatly benefit DSLR Video shooters. For more information of the VF-4 hit the link...

Review: MoGoPod MKIII by DIYPhotography December 07 2013

DIYPhotography,net was kind enough to write up an in depth review of what they thought about the MoGoPod MKIII which we claim to be the "World's Most Versatile Monopod" and we stand by it. Here are some of the things they had to say about it. "This thing looks and feels great. The material is anodized aluminum but the finish is solid providing a very nice sturdy feel to it....
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